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Projects in Collaboration

 Family and security

Advice and Support 

It is difficult to know what they are supposed to do and what applies in society when you come to Sweden as a new arrival. neighborhood moms is a place and a contact you   can turn to with their questions.

Råd och stöd
Älskade barn

Beloved Children

Beloved Children supports parents in being allowed to discuss various issues that a guardian may have.

With the help of different district mothers  , participating parents go through a discussion material that has been developed in close collaboration with Studiefrämjandet and the parents themselves.

For inquiries and advice contact us

Family Laser

The family reads should give children better conditions to succeed in school, we will strengthen their confidence in their own abilities.



For inquiries and advice contact us

Familjen läser


We advocate a healthier city

 Living in silence

We must take care of and prevent the disease in the best possible way by being able to hold lectures about breast cancer and blood lymphoma or similar chronic disease.

Family Laser

Senior Computer Class



Under process 

För förfrågningar och råd

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